Salut! I’m CHEN Chen, a graphic designer with extensive experience.

EN: I am currently a freelance graphic designer, marketing designer and curator based in Paris and Brussels.

I studied graphic design, advertising and marketing in China, France and Belgium.

FR: Je suis actuellement graphiste,marketing designer et conservateur freelance, basée à Paris et Bruxelles.

J’ai étudié le design graphique, la publicité et le marketing en Chine, en France et en Belgique.

Something about

As a graphic designer, I am also working as a marketing designer and event coordinator.


I’m originally from China and worked as a freelance designer in France and Belgium for four years, in addition to two years at an agency. I currently reside in Europe, where the list of nations is unlimited. You are welcome to offer me the opportunity for new adventures.


Due to the diversity of design studies and collaborative industries I have been exposed to over the years, I have been able to learn and develop a variety of skills, including but not limited to Visuals Identity, User Interface Design, Motion Design, etc.

In addition to the work I did for businesses, I like the idea of integrating Discursive Design into my personal projects. For me, the feeling of successfully expressing thoughts, concepts, and emotions through visual work is fantastic.

Other things you may be interested in:
I speak French and English, and my native tongue is Chinese. I enjoy traveling, drinking, and having a nice cup of coffee. I’m an extrovert who is introverted.

My Services

Graphics design

Communicate your ideas or messages visually.


Create a strong and positive perception of a company.


Real doers with a sense of initiative and who know how to approach things.