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The polysemy phenomenon will gradually intensify, and the Internet-affected language will produce a new appearance such as the language of the network. The essence of this arising is a phenomenon from original meaning to extension.
I hope to rely on the network to show this change. What new ideas will this change give rise to?
the dog = the single person
When a couple expresses their mutual love in front of a single person, we would say that they are feeding the single person to eat dog food.

Vegetable = not doing something well
The vegetable is fighting with the carrot, the vegetable has lost, which means they are not good at an aspect, cannot do something well.

Spending money = chopping hands
When we spend a lot of money shopping, we'll say we have to cut our hands off so we don't keep spending money.

Koi = good luck
When we see koi, we will get good luck, like money, love, etc.

sand sculpture = stupid
When someone does something stupid, it's said to be a sand sculpture.
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