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In the rapidly developing virtual reality society, people began to imagine the Metaverse world. So, in the Metaverse, what is the way of presenting the buildings? According to this question, half and half are born. It is a community of Metavers composed of virtual and reality. The set of Half and Half is a circle, but it is composed of semicircular windows (simulating the "beautiful" virtual environment of the future world) and semicircular real buildings. It presents a world of technological future, but also invites people to ask questions about the possible future. When the surrounding environment is virtual, can we really adapt and take advantage of it?
I chose to use waste as a material for the imagined city. Because they come in different shapes and materials, and they can be found anywhere in life. The first unconscious attempt, then the division of the city and the imagination of the iconic building. After testing the materials, I chose aluminum foil, because it resembles the central heating jacket, and cardboard is the primary material for easy molding.
Through the interactive experiments, I chose the circle formed by the classroom window and the reflection of light on the floor; and I utilized it as a prototype for my final space. The weather and seasons cause the view beyond the window to change frequently. It is used to simulate the environment in the metaverse, which is connected to the Internet and augmented reality-perceived environment.
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