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Design can be used to solve problems, but it is impossible to solve all problems. For example, population expansion and global warming, which have plagued humanity for decades, have not been effectively addressed so far. Rather than racking your brains to design from a problem-solving method, it is better to put forward or reinforce the problem speculatively from a different perspective, and to elicit the attention and thought of more people. The main goal is "to get people thinking actively"

Project “SYMBIOSIS?" consists of a table game and a speculative future.

The game starts with the story of humans and animals. Due to the rapid increase in world population, global warming and lack of food, humans and animals have started to migrate. In this world, humans began to expand cities to forests, oceans, deserts, and glaciers. Animals, meanwhile, have migrated from glaciers to cities. Finally, the confrontation or cohabitation between humans and animals will influence the course of the game.
This game invites people to think: in the process of rapid human development, how do we provide viruses with new opportunities for survival?
When we bring viruses from the wild animal world to human space, how will we live with the virus?
When we share public space with viruses, what new policies, businesses and products will emerge in the future world?

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