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Art and design, supposed to spread concepts and emotions, become troublemakers right now. At the School of Fine Arts, the various workshops produce a large number of artistic waste that is exclusive to them. Does this “waste”, as we define it, represent part of the environment's effects?

This “Me, My work, My waste” project includes the visual identity of the REDEFINITION association and the improvement of “INUTILE” BIJOUX.

REDEFINITION is a fictitious association established at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. The idea behind this association is to start from here (the Arba-esa) and from the people around us (the professors and students of the Arba-esa). Let's explore the art waste we produce, redefine what we consider to be "waste" and discover the possibilities of recovery.

In order to reconstruct them into wearable jewelry, BIJOUX "INUTILES" collects waste rejected by studio such as photography, painting, textiles, sculpture, etc. The uselessness of waste contrasts with the value of the jewelry. Through this project, I hope to show the possibility of valuing art waste and thus redefining what we consider to be waste.
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